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The Movie-Vote is updated: There are four new shortfilms from Switzerland and from Germany. The work is reaching from ultra short animated clips to sumptuously produced fic-tion shorts. Who ever likes one or the other of the films – or finds it completely out of place – is given the opportunity to express his or her opinion directly by Movie-Vote.

If you want to view the clips, you need Quicktime (version 5 or up) on your PC.
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The Return of the Curse of the Suburban Nightmare
By Peter John Ross (USA/Colorado Ohio), 2001
A dissatified father drives his four kids to school and learns that his teenage daughter understands life better than he does. Starring Dave Carrol and Jessica Harris.

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Pingu Falls in Love
By Adrian Tschäppeler (Schweiz/Zürich), 2002
Eroticism beyond the Antarctic Circle: Pingus’s lady of the heart does an unveiling act.

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About Adrian Tschäppeler

By David Pfluger (Schweiz/Basel), 2002
A man an his mobile phone. He dials a number ... and then everything happens in a sudden rush.

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About David Pfluger

Flowers for Mum
By Eva Maschke (Deutschland/Ludwigsburg), 2004
A son wants to visit his mother an bring her some flowers. And as it sometimes happens, there are a couple of other things to be done before.

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About Eva Maschke

Filmmakers – The Next Generation
By Peter John Ross (USA/Columbus Ohio), 2001
The kids that are learning the art of Filmmaking are getting younger and younger everyday. This is just a light take on making movies and mocking the pretentiousness that people get because they point a camera and shoot. Starring my nephews and my niece.

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Königsweg, den sich ein übersensibler Verstand selber erzählt
By Martin Lesniak (Deutschland/Bergisch Gladbach), 2005
The way into subconscious – without restoring to an evaluating consciousness – can sometimes mean the last joy in someone’s life, although the flight into an inner world equals a self-delusion. The black-and-white experimental film was made in cooperation with the photographer Raimund Braun.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja E’Beeri
By David Pfluger (Schweiz/Basel), 2003
A funny parody of the successful children’s program «Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles». The idea developed due to a strangely grown «mutant» strawberry which the author discovered while shopping at a supermarket.

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About David Pfluger

By Ivan Madeo & Oli Bakker (Schweiz/Bern), 2003
A harmless women’s magazine in a Lido is the start of an unspoken battle of the sexes and the source for a successful seduction. But which gender wins? And for whom has the battle been worthwhile?

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The Never-Ending Dance
By Beatrice Jäggi (Schweiz/Zürich), 2001
Every evening, a woman goes to see the same theatre play. Filmed without script, the story evolved «on the fly» while shooting.

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About Beatrice Jäggi

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